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This branch of our family tree has been very difficult researching. However, we have made some progress . We now know that The Christian Scheck in this family tree is not the Christian Scheck in PA married to a Mary Ann Spangler. Our Christian Scheck was born on March 10, 1851 in Germany.He had 2 wives, the 1st being Louisa Eberhard or Everhard born on April 11, 1859 d.October 9, 1887, at the age of 28. Christian accidently shot and fatally wounded her. His 2nd wife was Lena (maiden name unknown)b. May 24, 1849 d. Nov. 2, 1919. Christian is buried between the two women in Mt. Peace Cemetery in Akron, OH. His father and mother , we now know is Jacob & Friederika Schoeck. Jacob was b. Jan. 18, 1827 in Germany d. Nov. 27, 1899 in Akron, OH. Friederika was b. Aug. 27, 1832 in Germany d. Feb. 2, 1903 in Akron, OH. They are both Buried in Mt. Peace Cemetery in Akron, OH . Now, to clear up all the spelling variations . Jacob and Christian spelled it Schoeck. But we believe that Christian changed the spelling to Scheck before he died. Due to the fact that Jacobs Tombstone is spelled Schoeck and Christian's is Scheck. We have also found other variations of the spelling for example, Sheck, Schucks, Schock. We believe this is just human error and poor record keeping . Anyone with any link out there to this branch ,please contact us at Bookmark My homepage and stop back for more updates. THIS PAGE WAS UPDATED NOVEMBER 29, 1998

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