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Moore Cemetery

**This is the first cemetery in Marshall Twp.. Peter Moor
 (the name is spelled this way in the original deed)
bought the land on which this cemetery is located July 18, 1806. 
Upon his death his administrators, Joseph Moor and John Cooper sold 
the land to Jesse Miller Oct. 11, 1834.On Aug. 31, 1847, in the
 original book 14, pg.168, Highland Co. deed records, Jesse Miller
 and Amanda his wife conveyed to James Griffith and Winston Stodgell
36 acres 35 poles "except 35 poles where the grave yard is this the
 said Miller reserves...""On Feb. 7 , 1852, in original book 24, 
pg. 527, same records,Jesse Miller conveyed 36, more or less, square
 poles to "Adam Redkey, William Elliot and Nat. M. Deleplane and 
their succesors forever all the following tract of land 
(situated in Marshall Twp, Co. and State aforesaid and known as Moores
On June *, 1875, in original deed book 49, pg.335, the trustees, 
except William Elliot who is dead, deeded this cemetery to the 
trustees of Marshall Twp.The deed reads in part..."known and 
designated as Moore's graveyard, having been used and occupied as a 
public burial ground without interuption ever since the earliest
settlement if this district of county being for a period of at least 
fifty years.
Many monuments, buried completly in the ground, were dug up to obtain
 inscriptions. Many field stones for monuments. All stones copied.

Bousman    Sarah, wife of Wm., d. April 11, 1832 age 49yr 

Davis      Elizabeth Ann, wife of Tho. H., d. Feb.12, 1840 age27yr
           Louisa Josephine, daug. of Th. & Elizabeth Ann, d. Sept.3,1836
           age 11mo 22d
           John d. May30, 1855 age 78yr
           Sophia Delaplane, wife of Ashel H. d. Oct.31, 1841 age23-7-23

Delaplane  Daniel d. Dec.25, 1855 age 84 yr
           Delia, daug.d. Nov. 30,1865 age 56yr

Dunlap     Elizabeth, wife of Jas., d.May25, 1843 age21-7-2?

Edenfield  Sarah C., wife of Wm. C & daug.of Jesse & Rebecca Miller
           d. Dec28, 1860 age 37-8-3
           Charles W., son of Wm.C & Sarah, d. Dec10,1856 age 1-11-26
           Viola, daug. of Wm C. & Sarah d. Sept.18, 1849 age 2yr 28d
           John P., son of Wm. C & Sarah d. Dec.27, 1845 age 8mo
           infant son of same d. Aug. 20, 1847

Elliot     William d. Jan. 8, 1862 age 64-9-14
           Mary Ann wife d.March 16, 1830 age 22-10-16

Foreacre   Henry d. June 12, 1857 age 71-7-17
           Sarah, wife of Henry d. May1,1834 age 48-7-12
           Madgy? or Margy daug. d.May5, 1844 age 20-3-26

Griffith   Judith, wife of Benjamin, d. March 24, 1848age 57-1-20
Miller     Rebecca, wife of Jesse M. d. Feb.11, 1833 age 30-10-20
           Joseph S., son d. Mar.17, 1833 age 5-3-17
           Rebecca, daug. of Jesse & Amanda d. May 20, 1842 age 4yr 12d
           Catherine, wife of Peter d. July 23, 1851 age 95yr

Moore      Mary d. Feb. 15, 1833 age 75yr 5mo

Scott      Margaret, wife of Henery d. Jan. 17, 1845 age 38-5-13

Semans     Ashbery d. July 22, 1851age 25-6-?

Spargur    Sarah C. daug. of H.W. & Sarah d.March 21, 1854 age 16-1-12
           infant daug. of same d. Dec.4, 1836 age 10 days

Taylor     Abraham d. Feb. 26, 1834 age 67-8-18
           Elenor, wife d. Oct.11, 1833 age 67yr

Christian Union Cemetery



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