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Marshall Presbyterian Cemetery

**The following info was provided by the Marshall Presbyterian Church
Cemetery Association
*This list includes all known individuals buried in the Marshall
Presbyterian Cemetery. Names are listed by rows, with the first 
row being at the North end of the row and proceed South. 
This listing is submitted for review of all family and friends. We are
interested in keeping records as accuratly as possible and would very much
much appreciate being made aware of any errors.

ROW 1-  Daniel L. Butters Feb. 19, 1850-May 30, 1897 
        Ella Butters March 21,1857-Sept. 14,1943 , 
        Peniannah M. Butters Sept.24, 1876-May 19, 1897 
(the stone reads, "sweet rest in heaven")
Dwight C. Dick 1875-1958 -- Allie G. Dick 1879-1968
Daniel M. Butters 1842-1918--Martha E. Butters 1842-1926
Rolland Leroy Slater 1896--Harry Herschal 1897-1911
ROW 2-  Minos A. Hiser died March 31, 1905 Age 35yrs 4mo. 3d
Alexander Reed 1859- 1905

ROW 3 - Joseph Bell March 4, 1909 77yrs 8mo 27d ,
        Susanna March 28, 1889 52yrs 5mo 21d ,
        Grant(son)April 16, 1892 20yrs 2mo 14d
Navie Ann Bell 1867-1938
Foster HG Bell 1880-1959--Martha Broagem Bell 1871- 1956
infant son of Cester and Lois Doughlas oct. 25, 1959
George P. Bell oct. 20, 1860-Dec. 11, 1889 29yrs 1mo 21d
Homer K. Bell 1910-1964--Naomie R. Bell 1919-1986
Lois Eileen Bell Sept. 26, 1939-May 17, 1989 daughter of Wilbur&Lois Bell
C. Leon Bell 1944-1969
Wilbur A. Bell Sept. 25, 1911-- Laura L. Bell April 19, 1916 

ROW 4- Quinton Dick 1838-1915 co. B175 OV1 Jane H. 1840-1896,
       Owen O. Dick 1878-1904
Teophilos W. Williams 1831-1899--Emily J. Williams 1832-1918
Nathanial W. Williams 1862-1889


ROWS 5 through 8

ROW 5- J. Dick (no date)
Mann?? 18??- 1863 Dick
CG Dick 1804-1877--Sarah Dick 1812-1886
Rocha Thomas son of AT & SM Williams djune 7, 1881 4mo 15d
Maggie H. Bell  March 10, 1863 - March 7, 1883 19yrs 11mo 27d

ROW 6- John H. Rittenhouse 1842-1919
Frances Overman Oct.12 1832-jan28, 1875 43yrs 8mo 16d
Lucinda Stults, wife of John D., May 19, 1872 31yrs 3mo 5d
Hannah wife of Abraham Grabill July 22, 1817-Oct3, 1888 71yr 2mo 11d
Sarah M wife of AF Suiter Sept.11, 1867-Oct17, 1898
Eiza Elizabeth Suiter daug. of AF&SM Aug 29, 1898-Nov.21, 1911
Sallie M. Stults daug. of John & Lucinda Oct 17, 1898 31yrs 1mo 16d
David Leadbetter Sept 20, 1857 79yrs
William Sampson Bell 1845-1912
George Bell May 16, 1877 98yrs 4mo --Mary Bell Feb. 9, 1878 77yrs

ROW 7- 1st stone- "in memory of Ann Ame? died Oct6, 1851 age5yr
Ida S. Templin 1863-1932
Eli Templin1820-1900 -- Nancy N. Templin 1827-1918 "til he comes"
Emma Templin MD 1858-1958 (Ida's sister)
Wm. Gibson Co.L 12 Ohio cav
Sarah J. daug. of Sam & ?? Waddell died Oct9, 1836 1yr 19d

Rows 8 through 15

Row 8- Abigale J. daug of E & J Taylor June 25, 1851 9yrs 8mo 11d
Elizabeth E. daug of E & J  Taylor June 25, 1851 7yrs 2mo 18d
Thomas J. son of E & J Taylor July 5, 1851 4yrs 7mo 26d
David E. Taylor Jan 4, 1854 20yrs 1mo 3d
Caroline Taylor June 4, 1854 15yr 9mo 17d
Mary Taylor Oct. 17, 1854 18yrs 6mo 11d
WT Templin 24th OH Batt'y

ROW 9- Terah S. son of Eli & Nancy N Templin died Feb.1 ,1851 2yr 3mo 18d
Esther wife of Terah died May 29, 1856 72 yrs 7mo 16d
Terah Templin died Aug.8, 1856 77yrs 10mo 27d
Louis G. son of Eli & Nancy Templin died Aug 10, 1859 7yr 5mo 27d
Gary W. son of Eli & Nancy Templin july 18,1860-nov 23, 1897
Emma R. Smith 1860-1948
William H. Smith Sept. 20, 1864 21yr 5mo 1d
Elma daug of A&E Smith April 17, 1880 18yr 8mo 10d
Aquila Smith Feb. 11, 1890 73yr 3mo 7d
Eliza Smith June 25, 1909 90yr 9mo 6d
Harry L. Smith son Feb 21, 1901 20yr 4mo 11d
Ruth Smith daug May 24, 1898 1yr 3mo 19 d
Mary C. Smith mother April 14, 1900 40yr 10mo 16d
Alvin H. Smith father Aug. 26, 1929 72yr 3mo 
Irwin McB. Smith Sept.13, 1906 15yr 4mo 26d
Elma Smith daug Oct.13 ,1964 81yr 1mo 5d
Herbert H Smith son Nov 30, 1965 80yr 1mo 7d

ROW 10- Polly H.Barnes wife of Elias D. April 14, 1850 38yr 11mo 19d
Robert Cooper died July 13, 1876 89yr 6mo 6d
William West II died Mar. 22, 1862 in the 68th year of his life come to rest
Cynthia wife of William WestII Dec. 23,1875 80yrs There is rest in heaven
William West SR. 1771 Dec. 20, 1863
Arthura wife of William West SR. June 20, 1850 70 yr 4mo 10d
Jermiah Am?? Jan10, 1767-April 21, 1818
Elizabeth G. Brown Oct. 8, 1887 72yr 1mo 1d I shall be satisfied when I awakewith thy likeness
James Laird Oct 20, 1862 92yr 8mo 18d they that sleep in Jesus will God bring with him
Andrew Milne 1867-1921--Laura E. his wife 1866-1926

ROW 11- William West II (original stone that was broken)see row 10
Mary Smith wife of Peter Smith Nov.21, 1842 in the 43yr of her age
S.S.Smith (infant child) marked by a rock
Peter Smith Co. A. 60th OH infantry
Wise April 27, 1879- Jan 27, 1881
Mother Wise April 7, 1864 - Jan. 31, 1902
CG Wise Oct.15, 1836-Oct.4, 1903--Anne wife May 15, 1839-Nov.24, 1913
Martha wife of William Murray and daug. fo J&S Swan May 24, 1860 54yr 3mo 20d

ROW 12- David Mercer Feb. 9, 1849 age52yr 8d
Peter Grabill May 3, 1868 66yr 2mo 3d Remember friends as you pass by
As you are now so once was I. As I am now so will you be. Prepare for 
death and follow me.
Robert Patterson April 25, 1876
82yr 1mo 8d  be ye also ready
Isabella wife of R. Patterson Dec.3, 1864 60yr 11mo 19d
(stone by P. Harsha, Hillsboro, OH)
Francis M. Cobby? Oct.30, 1884 34yr 6d son of Robert and Jane
Ellie J. daug of SE & FM Corby Oct.22, 1864 2yr 17d
Sarah E. wife of Francis N. Corby March 24, 1863 32yr 1mo 20d
infant daug. of FN & SE Corby april 16, 1861
infant daug. of AR & LM West Jan 18, 1855 13d
Josephine daug, of R & L Patterson Oct.31, 1855 21yr 5mo 19d
Mary Jane Blount wife of Brazillaim M. Jun6, 1852 22yr 9m0 21d
Joseph Horn May 31, 1841 85yrs
Marget Horn wife of Joseph Horn Oct. 21, 1837 77yrs
Rachel McKee Oates wife of George Oates May 10, 1838-Feb. 28,1865

Row 13- Sarah Manda Mercer Jan. 10, 1855
T.N. mother(there is no additional info on this stone)
R.M. father(there is no additional info on this stone)
Fredrick Shoemaker Nov. 29, 1835- Mar9, 1916--Louisa E. Dec.14, 1842-Feb8, 1912

ROW 14- Charles Edgar son of AF & SA Butters Nov.8, 1886 3yr 1mo 10d 
         the dearest child
Aaron F. Butters 1853-1918 --Sarah M. Butters 1854-1895
Elsie M. Surgeon Sept. 25, 1889- May 6, 1971--Nelson Surgeon June22, 1898-July28, 1990

ROW 15- Eve 1835-1927 -- William Cary 1830-1918 ( these are this authors ancestors)

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